• The Danger of Sky Lanterns. Ban the Lightsfest
    Sky Lanterns are proven hazards to livestock, wildlife, equines, pets and the environment. There should NOT be a festival dedicrated to their use. They are pretty but deadly!
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    Created by Amanda Gray
  • Prosecute Finnish golfer for decapetating a goose on Vantaa golf course Helsinki
    Because this is an abhorrent way to treat animals and says a lot about the country.
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    Created by Kay Delphine
  • End the badger cull now
    Some shooters are flouting the law, the badgers are dying in agony, the shooters are not adhering to the guidelines. People feel so strongly that they are walking at night in the countryside to try and protect our badgers and are being physically attacked whilst doing so by The shooters.
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    Created by Tiger Mellor
    This is important because animal declawing is CRUEL!! People do not realise the harm (mentally and physically) of this horrific procedure and this has got to change. Animals are suffering and they can’t speak for themselves so I’m trying to make a change and BAN DECLAWING!
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    Created by Maryam Hussain
  • Protect all our Ancient Woodlands and Rare Habitats for the People and Nation
    Such rare habitats exist where they are, and nowhere else in our country and the world: we must set an example that we know how to look after our natural Crown Jewels, and so start to show the rest of the world how to look after our planet. Our Ancient Woodlands amount to only 2% of our total habitat area, and yet are threatened by "white elephant" schemes such as HS2 and the Arundel A27 Bypass. 27 Ancient, historic, and nationally important trees are threatened by the HS2 scheme. As well as protecting rare flora and fauna only found in those locations, as well as habitat conditions only also found in these locations, they also bring a lot of pleasure and health benefits to people who get out to enjoy our valuable natural heritage.
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    Created by Stephen Tuthill
  • Legally recognise ADUK Dogs as Carers for Direct Payments
    These are amazing carers who maintain and promote independence for people who have various and complex care and social needs. Our assistance dogs care for us 24/7 who should be legally recognised by the government and save the government millions a year in care charges. The government needs to offer people the right to be able to claim for these costs to be able to keep us independent and motivated and socialised within the community. The average homecare cost is £200 per week the average cost of an ADUK is about £50 per week. Some more progressive councils allow for these amazing carers to be honoured and covered by a direct payment, whilst other councils take the guideline discriptor of carer ( meaning human ) as literal- this should be addressed to show the change since it was written. It will also help with the crisis in the health and social care situation.
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    Created by Christopher Forbes
  • Ban dogs from the playing field (next to the school) - Chudleigh
    The green space next to Fore Street Play Park is used by school children throughout the day as well as for recreational use outside of school hours. But the dog mess left on the grass is a constant problem despite it being an area regularly patrolled by the Dog Warden and covered by CCTV. Unfortunately bins and notices fail to make any difference - the people who allow this to happen, do not care. Dog mess carries incredibly toxic bacteria which among other things can cause blindness. To have this space dog free would allow children to play freely without the constant worry of stepping in/falling in dog mess. There are many places dog owners can go to exercise their dogs without using this space. It would not be detrimental to the town, considering the fact that Chudleigh is surrounded by green space, all within a few minutes walk from any where in the town.
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    Created by Chudleigh Mum Picture
  • Pizza Express vegan pizza in supermarkets
    A growing market in vegan products.health,environmental and ethical reasons
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    Created by Dmitry Xing
  • Increase vaccinations, decrease the culls.
    Keeping the farming industry bouyant as well as the badger population.
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    Created by Dayna O'Sheea
  • Introduce Licencing of Spear Guns
    Spearguns are a lethal weapon, capable of killing and maiming people and animals. Recently a seal has been shot in the tail for fun at a Devon seaside resort, leaving the animal to die a slow painful death. These weapons are lethal and currently have no registration. They and the arrows they fire should be registered, so that any arrow found in an animal or used in a crime can be identified and traced to its owner.
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    Created by Adrian Pitman
  • Keep your promise Waitrose
    Microbeads are damaging our ocean life and therefore our envionment
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    Created by Linda Saunders
  • Take palm oil out of food products
    Palm oil is bleached, refined and deodorised and is leaving animals in the rain forest critically endangered wirh loss of habitat to make room for palm oil plantations.
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    Created by Theresa Forrest