• Ban non-compostable/non recyclable packaging
    This is important for the future of our ecosystem as much of this packaging is now polluting our oceans or building up relentlessly on landfill sites.
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    Created by Kerry Batcock
  • Stop neutrogena animal testing
    This is important as through out the whole of neutrogenas business, in Labs they have put chemicals and substances (tested) on poor animals which could result in them being killed. They could be injected with chemicals or they could have it put into there eyes, which could leave them blind. However once the animals has been 'used' as much as it could be they will kill the animal. They are bred in the labs to get more animals to be tested on and for the whole of their life they will live in a cage in the lab. Many of the animals species are things such as Rabbits, Mice, Rats, other mammals etc. This is inhuman of them, wasting and making the animals lives a living hell by torturing them every day. It is unfair how their life has been stolen from them just to test if a product works/is safe for the buyer and testing on animals doesn't even 100% work as other animals are designed differently to us humans. How would you feel if you were one of the poor Rabbits stuck in a cage, never to walk in the sun, injections and tests constantly done to you, never to have proper contact with others? Please sign this petition to help stop this all together, thank you
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    Created by Rosie Harding
  • Protect Red Squirrels in Perth and Kinross
    Perth and Kinross is lucky to have a thriving population of red squirrels which bring great joy to many people. Unfortunately, many red squirrels are killed by speeding vehicles, especially on country roads. The Council needs to be proactive in protecting this native species. Erecting red squirrel road signs and reducing the speed limit on country roads is a good start.
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    Created by Karol Swanson
  • Label 'GM-Fed' animal products for consumption
    We should have the right to know about how our food is produced, so that we can choose to consume it, or not to. Therefore clear labelling is very important. Also it should be a basic Human Right to be able to avoid food, if it can make us ill. It is suspected that at least 27 people died and over 1500 to 2000 people became permanently disabled (and still awaiting a cure), after consuming a genetically engineered food supplement called 'L Tryptophan' some years ago [This can easily be checked by googling 'Tryptophan + GM Deaths'. Also see below in red box]. On a personal level, 'GM-Fed' animal products have been making me ill, since my local food shops have been selling them unlabelled these past approximate 8 years. It is clear to me that playing about with Nature's deep foundations is not a safe thing to do, coming from our still highly undeveloped level of consciousness. Please support this petition.
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    Created by mike siblock
  • Noel Fitzpatrick. Supervet.
    Compassion to animals is something the British, as animal lovers. I believe hold dear .And Noel Fitzpatrick takes this to an higher level .
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    Created by Henrik Bukowski
  • Help ban the cruelty of Bull Fighting no animal should suffer like this
    There is absolutely no need for animals of any description to be killed so cruelly for plain and simply entertainment of crowds, there is nothing honourable in the way these Matadors dispatch the poor beasts it is plain and simply cruelty, time people were educated to the fact that it is wrong to treat animals in such a manner, at least at the slaughterhouse they are dispatched quickly.
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    Created by robert brownlie Leggate Picture
  • Shut down Brian Hobills meat farm
    It fails the welfare of these animals seen here in this http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/pig-farm-horror-rotting-piglets-10682183 it also comes with a video.
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    Created by James Wishart
  • Protection of the Environment against Irresponsible Dog Owners
    A Dog is not a God! Dogs allowed off the lead do enjoy their freedom but in public areas a dog's freedom prevents that of others - dogs chase the wild life in the area causing distress to new born, they run round blindly after other dogs creating a hazard to the general public - in particular the disabled, and are a genuine hazard for people engaged in professional work with expensive equipment. Loose dogs are a hazard where vehicles are parking and reversing. Untrained dogs jump up at people, frightening the elderly and young children - dogs by nature, have an unpredictable reaction to human behaviour as has been shown in many tragic reports. Dog owners have a responsibility not only to the general public - but to the animal that they have chosen to own. By allowing their pets to be off a lead, leaves the animal open to attack by more aggressive animals at too great a distance for the owner to intervene. Dogs that run away from the owners, places them at risk of accidents and kidnap, when they cannot be seen. Several off the lead dogs have gone missing in the area and have never been found. Dog owners escape accountability. They are seldom brought to account for a dog defecating in public areas. Never in the cases for carelessly discarded pick up bags, for a dog that harms or kills wildlife, for damage to property, clothing or expensive equipment. The dog owner should be brought to account and take full responsibility for their animal. The general public and owner's dogs demand it! Licencing dog owners will do several things: Protect the welfare of all wildlife as well as the welfare of dogs Hold pet owners accountable and responsible for their pets Increase revenue to improve parks and green spaces for the local area Possibly include low cost veterinarian insurance for animals Fines and penalties for those owners who allow their dog to foul public spaces or who fail to supervise their animals when in public , who allow the dog to become a nuisance or threat to the health, safety and well being of the public in general.
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    Created by Marvin Arbiton
  • Total Ban on the ivory trade
    This has been promised and appears to have been quietly dropped by the Conservatives. Please sign the petition to force the government to keep its promises.
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    Created by Margaret Russell
  • Stop Coca-Cola from Choking our Oceans
    This is important because plastic pollution in the ocean is killing the marine life; whether it is from animals being strangled to animals eating the plastic particles because they mistake it for food. The ecosystem is comprised of so many different moving parts and every animal plays an important role in maintaining the health of the ecosystem. We need to be held responsible for buying plastic bottles, and Coke needs to be held responsible for the plastic pollution they are creating in the ocean as well. It is a two way street! Please sign if you care about keeping the marine ecosystem and the human population healthy because what ends up in the ocean can and will end up on our plates.
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    Created by Brooke Edell
  • Stop Puppy tail docking
    This is an uneccesary procedure.It was banned along with ear cropping why do the Scottish government feel the need to re-introduce this ? It is done when pups are only a few days old Tails are cut off with scissors Puppies cannot be sedated or anaesthetised at that age They cry with pain and it often upsets the bitch when she smells blood on the pups I speak from experience The DIY botch jobs are worse People try to save money and do it themselves This can result in blood loss , infection and pain It is like having a toe cut off with scissors without anaesthetic The governments excuse is, if a working dogs tail gets damaged the surgery would be painful In all the years I worked at the practice we had one dog, an Irish Wolfhound have part of his tail amputated Because of his size he damaged it against a wall from wagging it
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    Created by Joyce Whitton
  • Let our dogs on the beach
    It's important for dogs to be allowed on the beach to have a paddle in the hot weathers even if it's in the evenings When most people have gone home ,because most responsible dogs owner don't take there dogs out in the blistering heat anyway but would be nice after 7 for them to have a paddle and cool down . And most responsible dogs owners clean up after there dogs unlike some humans lately, which annoys me greatly, us dogs owners would really appreciate if this was to be put into consideration,
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    Created by Sarah Harle