• Free Alfie the Yorkshire terrier from his Met police secret captivity!
    Last week, Alfie, a tiny, 10-year-old Yorkshire terrier, was cruelly ripped from his elderly owner, 73 year-old, Mrs Claudia Settimo-Bovio, who lives in Kingston, South West London. The Met Police have vindictively claimed, that this small and gentle dog, owned by Mrs Settimo-Bovio since he was a tiny puppy, had chased a large delivery man at the front door, causing him to 'trip'. Oddly, the delivery man, claimed that Alfie, had tried to "kill" him, when all the friendly little dog was trying to do was play. Shockingly, the Met police, raided Alfie's home, last Friday, with full force. Scotland Yard, sent 7 burly policemen, several armed-response officers, 5 police cars and 3 police vans to peace-loving Alfie's address. Alfie was "arrested" by the Met police, who are now holding at a secret address. Alfie's owner, has been traumatized by the experience. All she wants is her doggy companion back. Alfie has never hurt anyone in his whole life. All Alfie's neighbours want him back home immediately. He is seen as the communities and is well-loved by everyone. Send Alfie back home. It is important that Alfie the dog, is returned to his owner as soon as possible, because, he and Mrs Settimo-Bovio have never been parted before in their lives. By all accounts, Alfie is a darling dog, who wouldn't hurt a fly. I am a dog lover and so is Britain. This could happen to anyone who owns a beloved pet. The public insist that the Met police, send Alfie back to his human mother for both their well-being. Alfie needs to be returned to his loving family now, and not in a month's time when there will be irreparable damage to his psyche.
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    Created by Marcia Simpson-James
  • Set the whales free
    They are the most social mammal on earth and they have higher emotions than us and they shouldnt be mistreated and should not be held captive
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    Created by Amy Campbell
  • Shut down Dogs r us justice for Benji
    I am a dog owner and am appalled at the fact that this place keeps operating legally, all they care about is cold hard cash not the welfare of these animals at all , too many dogs have died in their care already how much longer are they going to get away with it
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    Created by Emma Cook
  • A Bank Holiday to Honour VISERION
    Because VISERION deserves to be remembered.
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    Created by Ryan King
  • Stop Selling or buying animals on Internet selling sites
    The people that are buying or selling the animals are not vetted in any way and these sites like sphock have no way of making sure the animals are going to a safe loving homes. Who knows where these animals are ending up they are sold very cheaply or just given away for nothing. With the worries of dog fighting and baiting and even over breeding these loving animals which could go to anyone from the average Joe to these sickening puppy farms with no background checks at all. This is supposed to be a boot market site not an animal adoption site, this is why we have rescue centres or actual sites that are designed for your pet to find a good safe loving home, not some site where you can buy a used tyre from.
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    Created by Lee Beasley
  • Save Coldwaltham’s flower-rich hay meadow.
    The South Downs National Park has a duty 'to conserve and enhance natural beauty, wildlife and cultural heritage' and a 'duty to foster social well-being of local communities within the National Park'. We demand that the South Downs National Park adheres to their duties and allows us a say in what happens in our village. This beautiful flower-rich hay meadow is at the edge of our village and if it is destroyed the meadow will be lost and we will merge with the next village of Watersfield. The two distinct villages will become a small town. Our village is small, we have a small school, a pub and a church. Our post office is only open 3 mornings a week. There are no jobs and you need a car to get anywhere! Flower-rich hay meadows were once a common sight in the countryside but sadly since the 1930's they have declined by a shocking 97%. (source: PlantLife). Part of the UK’s natural and cultural heritage, nearly 7.5 million acres of wildflower meadows have now been lost. Meadows like this are now sadly very rare. They are a crucial habitat for farmland wildlife. "We regularly see Barn Owls sweeping across the meadow late at night. Buzzards and Red Kites following the farmer when he cuts the meadow for hay. A fox and her cubs have been seen playing only this week in the meadow" said Stephanie Croft, a local resident. "I have lived in Coldwaltham for over 50 years, having been born and bred nearby. The destruction of this meadow hurts and worries me, thinking of my children's children never being able to run in or see the flower meadow." said Jasmine Robinson another local resident.
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    Created by Coldwaltham Meadow Conservation Group Picture
  • Make companies that test on animals have to state it on their packaging
    People are obvious to how many products are actually tested on animals, the only way you can find out weather they are is through the Internet which people do not have time to do with every product. This will encourage positive marketing for cruilty free brands and discourage companies that do by giving the consumer the option to buy the product knowing if it has or hasn't been tested on animals.
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    Created by L J
  • Support the Moffat sheep racing 2017
    Although it is too late now for the sheep to prepare to race, we call on the council to reimburse anyone or business who is out of pocket in anyway due to the last minute cancellation of this event, including guest houses, cafes, Moffat town council or tourists who were coming to support the athletes. If you feel you have had to change your plans and are out of pocket due to the late cancellation of the Moffat sheep racing 2017, please leave the details below to be forwarded to the council for reimbusement.
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    Created by Mark Jackson
  • Label foods if it is suitable for vegans!
    It will prevent people making errors, when they purchase an item that is suitable for vegetarians, but may contain items such as milk or honey.
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    Created by Sharon Chrismas
  • Ban this sickening tv channel
    To Save the lives of the innocent animals Prevent the company making money out of such sickening pursuits Prevent the cruelty to all
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    Created by Kerry Elliott
  • Call for investigation into security at Cotswold Wildlife Park
    The Wolf killed as it escaped was part of an important breeding program and this loss has a crucial effect on that program.
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    Created by Paul Weaver
  • Reducing the road speed of v5 Milton Keynes
    Because my cat and so many others have been killed on this road by cars
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    Created by Nicola Cobley