• Defend our Veterans Services
    The UK Government is looking to outsource Veterans Services without public consultation taking place. Notice of tenders were issued in April 2018 which considerably expand the services that will form part of the Future Service Delivery Contract (FSDC). This contract provides provision of Armed Forces Pay, Pensions and Military HR and Administration Services and will be expanded to include: • Administration of the War Pensions Scheme and Armed Forces Compensation Scheme (including payment and financial accounting with interfaces to other Ministry of Defence and other government department financial systems); • MoD Medal Office – the administration and issue of medals and awards; • Provision of Veterans Enabling and Supporting Services; and • Maintenance and development of existing Information System (IS) and enquiry services in support of the above services. We are concerned about the impact outsourcing these services will have on the quality of service provision that veterans currently receive. We are also concerned that the MoD is reserving the right to include/add any other work related to delivery of Military Human Resources or Veterans Services during the lifetime of the contract. The contract is worth up to £800 million and an estimated 400 jobs are being put at risk.
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  • Employment slavery
    To avoid homelessness and crime,illegal activity and to survive while applying for asylum.Avoiding under national minimum wage payment,illegal working.Unscrupulas employers.
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  • RailPlan20/20 changes - London Bridge to Littlehampton
    On May 20th 2018 Thameslink and Southern train timetable changes. Passenger journeys in London and the south east have more than doubled in the last two decades. With such a growth Thameslink decided to reduce the number of trains on this route from 3 to 2. Both passing from Bedford with not enough capacity for the amount of passengers commuting on this route. In addition, the last train is at 5.55 not suitable for most City workers hence creating work issues work such huge working population. We need more trains!
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  • Hold Durham UCU meeting prior to UCU Congress
    This is important in order to allow regular members to be informed about and have a voice in the business which will take place at UCU Congress. In particular, the pensions dispute which we went on strike over is ongoing. It is vital that members stay engaged with the union's actions in relation to the dispute. We are the union.
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  • Housing the Homeless
    The number of homeless people and rough sleepers in particular have been continuously rising over the past 8 years and it is time to change!
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  • Stop the privatisation of Herefordshire's Libraries, Museums and Archives
    On Thursday 28th June 2018, Herefordshire Council’s Cabinet will meet to discuss the possibility of starting a tendering process to privatise these vital services, based on the “Soft Market Test” report, published in January 2018 and the recommendations of the Scrutiny Committee, which met on 9th April. At a time when there is much evidence to suggest that other local authorities are having to take these services back in-house due to the failure of private companies to run them effectively, we need to control and safeguard the future cultural service provision for our community, particularly for our children, young people, and isolated, vulnerable groups, such as elderly and disabled people. UNISON believes that the public deserve the best possible service when it comes to Museums, Libraries and Archives and our policy is always to keep services in-house. The Council say they need to do this to save money. However, the total budget spend for all 3 services last year represents a spend of less than £8 per head of population. Official figures for the library service already show a below average spend in comparison to similar authorities so it’s difficult to see a reason for taking these services out of local council ownership, when the figures show that it is already a very cost-effective service. UNISON is committed to working with Herefordshire Council to find a solution to its budgetary pressures without undermining our loved arts and library provision. Ealing, along with Croydon, Harrow and Hounslow recently had to take back their library services due to the collapse of Carillion. Staff at privatised library services in Bromley, run by Greenwich Leisure Ltd, have been on strike. UNISON believes Museum, Library and Archives staff deserve to be recognised for the trained, professional job they do, and the threat of future closures, reductions in hours and the loss of friendly, knowledgeable staff is unacceptable, These things are at risk if they are transferred over to a private company or charitable trust. Finally, UNISON has part funded work with We Own It. They are running a pledge for councillors and council candidates in elections to commit to ending all privatisation in local council services. The detail can be found here: https://weownit.org.uk/local-pledge Thank you, Herefordshire Local Government UNISON
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  • Newcastle University to pay the Living Wage
    Research from 2017 at Cardiff University suggested that 60% of British people in poverty live in a household where someone is in work. This simply has to change. We are calling on the Vice Chancellor to follow suit of many other Universities, and pay staff a reasonable amount. For a university that earned a £27 million surplus before tax in 2016-17, this is the least it can do.
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  • Privatisation of Coventry GP Out of Hours Service: Stoney Stanton Coventry Walk-in-Centre
    This another important service to Coventry people that is stealthy been made private. This service is vital to local people but also needs to be kept public and not fall into the hands of private companies such as Virgin or Care UK. In a city of over 300,000 people the GP Out of Hours Service at the Stoney Stanton Walk-in-Centre is essential to help stop our local A&E departments being overwhelmed. Please take the time to sign this important petition which we plan to hand into the CRCCG by the end of May. Many thanks from all at Coventry Keep Our NHS Public (COVKONP) campaign group.
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  • Keep Moseley Friends' Institute for the Use of the Local Community
    Moseley Friends' Institute was gifted to the people of Birmingham by the Cadbury family so that it could be used for the benefit of local people. It has for many years been managed by Birmingham City Council, who are currently considering the future of the building. Although it is currently in need of renovation and repair, it could be an important resource for the community.
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  • Save Pontypool library from close down
    People need library go to get books and cds DVDs go on computers
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  • Trade Union Health and Safety must be prioritised & strengthened with Brexit looming
    HEALTH & SAFETY was the main reason for the birth of the trade union movement. There is no doubt with the current government attack on trade unions and a possible all out onslaught when we arrive at ‘post Brexit’ Britain, Trade Unions will no doubt find the coming years increasingly difficult. For this reason alone TRADE UNIONS must immediately prioritise H&S now and strengthen links with other unions. Every individual worker has the right to a safe & healthy working environment. Workers are better protected with a strong & robust union that adopt a prime focus on Health & Safety at work.
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  • Fisheries Post Brexit
    British territorial waters are some of the most productive in Europe. I started fishing full time 42 years ago. Most of that time under the EU's Common Fisheries Policy. When we joined what was then the EEC we had to sign away equal access to other European countries. Some, like Spain, had no history of fishing in British waters. Others had so little territorial waters of thier own that they must have been rubbing thier hands together with glee at gaining access to our rich and abundant waters. Over the years I have seen the Common Fisheries Policy depress the industry, with once household named fishing ports such as Fleetwood, Milford haven, Lowestoft, Hull and Grimsby all declining. Thousands of people, not only fishermen but those industries supporting them, had to face finding other work or the dole. Whole communities were destroyed. The policy led to overfishing and the consequent decimation of prime fisheries, such as Liverpool bay and the Southern North Sea. The most recent threat has come from Dutch electro pulse fishing. Wiping out whole eco systems on the north Sea in the name of efficiency. I have seen once thriving fisheries that I used to work every year, nearly destroyed. Limiting us to smaller areas and concentrating effort there, instead of the diversity of grounds and fishing opportunities we used to enjoy. We now have the golden opportunity to take back control of what is a national resource potentially worth billions. By putting our own measures in place managing our fisheries effectively and sustainably we could ensure that not only are there fish in the seas but an industry for our children and grandchildren. Those Europeans that have an historic right of access and have fished or waters for hundreds of years, must be allowed to continue within limits but only if they comply with our rules of enforcement.
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