• Dangerous parking outside schools
    Safeguarding our children has to be a top priority. Irresponsible and illegal parking around schools is increasingly dangerous. This is a national issue. Current legislation is inadequate and councils do not have the funds to place wardens at all schools to enforce the legislation that is currently in place.
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    Created by Amanda Digman
  • Driver only trains
    Because it violates the safety of rail passengers.
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    Created by CHRIS LORD
  • To allow Dss tenants need to rent privately again
    It is becoming impossible to find a letting agent or landlord that accepts housing benefit. This is encouraging an army of illegal landlords letting out sheds and offices. It is making homelessness rise rapidly. It is like Victorian England again.
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    Created by Rachel mayhook
  • Traffic calming and a pedestrian crossing on b3298 Carharrack
    The majority of the children from Carharrack have to cross this road to walk to school and the speeds that cars travel makes this a lethal route, we encourage children to walk to school, get out more etc but if we can't make the routes safe then how can we expect parents to feel confident in doing this? The junction at the bottom of the hill has had numerous accidents mainly caused through speeding and until the speed is brought under control these accidents will unfortunately continue to happen, do we have to wait until there is another fatality? No let's get together and act now to make our village safer for us all
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    Created by Nicki Isaacs
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    Created by Libby Fleming
  • Discriminating landlords
    For some years now social housing has been in decline & those people on housing benefit are in dire need of housing many of them single parent family’s. Who are unable to work due to there individual circumstances. Such as a wife beaten up by her husband having to seek temporary shelter & unable to return to the family home now having to live in a one room B&B with her three children. Unable to rent a private flat or house as the private landlord is discriminating against her due to her being on Housing benefit!! She is now forced to live in a one room B&B with other families in the same situation. This law must change today for these People need our help! In particular they need your help & those of your friends & family who are lucky to live in there own home. What is the point of housing benefit if No landlord in the private sector will accept it? This must change & they must be forced to accept them on short term let’s & long term let’s there must be no difference between the two. So private land lords are switching to holiday let’s rather than normal letting this is because they can offer short term let’s which makes it easier to remove bad tenants which is understandable & B&B is where perhaps they should be but why should the vast majority be penalised due to the small minority? Please support these people many of them very vulnerable young women with children who have hurt no one!!
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    Created by graham nicholson
  • That Boris Johnson should resign over his comments about Nazanin Zachary-Ratcliffe
    Out of sheer laziness Boris Johnson did not establish the facts but as a result has severely compromised the fate of Nazanin Zachary-Ratcliffe. He is not fit for office.
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    Created by John Andrewes
  • The age of an adult?
    If we allow the government and large companies to get away with this, what else will be changed to suit them. This is allowing them to get away with parents having to fork out billions in extra tax, with a lot of families in the UK currently in poverty, every little helps to ease the burden.
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    Created by Natasha Lukins
  • Light up syke bank again
    People may be killed when crossing road as it is dark at 1600 and there are no lights, it is in the school bus route, dog walkers, runners and pedestrians in general use this route and it is also a high volume in traffic area and vehicles don't slow down
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    Created by Beverley Hope
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    Created by trish murray
  • Keep our Train Guards
    Not only will removing the position of train guard cost many jobs, it endangers the passengers.
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    Created by Tan Stanton-Britton
  • bring down retirement age to 64
    adults who have worked hard for years cannot expect to do hard manual work over the age of 64.
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    Created by Bradley Pugh