• Transparency with outcome of Downing St parties enquiry
    Millions of people have been adversely affected by the pandemic. The sick & elderly have been isolated & robbed of family contact. The dying passed away alone. So many of us have sacrificed precious once in a lifetime moments because we followed the rules. The outcome of the Downing St parties enquiry must be made public & consequences must follow if rules are found to have been broken.
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    Created by Eileen Gill
  • Subtitles
    Because people rely on subtitles and certain social groups seem to be forgotten about
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    Created by Petya Barrett
  • Pay staff £10 an hour Tesco
    Times are tough, Tesco employs hundreds of thousands of people and should put them before billion pound profits.
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    Created by Jack Birmingham
  • Pay your staff properly Tesco £10 an hour
    Tesco's behavior is disgusting, leading supermarket in the UK undercutting others on wages, is truly disgusting.
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    Created by John Smith
  • Triple lock
    We were promised the triple lock to counter things that are actually happening from next April only to have it taken off us just when we need it
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    Created by George Revill
  • 603 school bus service
    Taxpayers deserve a service which is fit for purpose/ confers value for money.
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    Created by Shravan Sood
  • Stop This Government Cancelling Free Prescriptions For People Who Are In Desperate Need For It
    I know that my family is not the only family in the uk that is finding it extremely hard to manage on a day to day basis. And also just like my family are struggling more than ever to just pay the bills The last couple of years for my family has been the worst ever on record for Debt. I Urge other people who are in the the same Financial Crisis as us to ask this Government not to stop the free Prescriptions For those who are worse off financially Who Cannot Afford The Prescription Charges And to have to pay those charges would push right over the edge.
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    Created by Mark Beaumont
  • Vaccines For The World
    I encourage everyone to join me in campaigning on this issue, out of a sense of health justice, and compassion - suffering is suffering, whereever it happens. It is appropriate to show recognition of our good fortune in having the choice of whether or not to be vaccinated, and to want to share that with others less fortunate. Thank you for supporting this campaign.
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    Created by Auriol Britton
    Stanmore station has been and is still used as a major station for Wembley. Parking would be a nightmare for all the attendees to Wembley if the development goes ahead.
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    Created by Sue Timpson
  • Free presciptions
    Our pensions have not risen to meet these outrageous increases and the majority cannot aford the simple as that. WE MUST UNITE and lobby our MP's to halt them before deaths accure because of these increases.!
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    Created by Geoffrey Allen
  • Rising cost of domestic fuel
    We have worked all our adult lives with no time lost in being unemployed and yet here we are struggling to pay the bills even though we have cut back drastically on other things like going out for a meal and having a holiday.... all stopped now..!
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    Created by Geoffrey Allen
  • Officially Define "Raw Honey" as a reserved description
    Currently consumers are being misled by bigger companies who include "Raw" in a title. At the time of writing many retail and online stores are selling products with the word "Raw" in their title despite is not being a reserved description. Often the sellers are sourcing honey from other countries that don't hold such stringent regulations. Some are blends of more than one country. Smaller UK Beekeepers and Honey Farmers are being told to remove "raw" from the title yet many major stores are using it in their products. This is not a level playing field and misleading the consumer. There is currently no clarity on the wording. Stringent regulations need to be put in place to protect the consumer whilst at the same time level the playing field.
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    Created by Timothy Sherlock