• No minimum wage, zero hour contracts for skilled photographers with expensive equipment
    As a skilled professional or student, minimum wage is completely out of line with market level and does not reflect the time required to learn the trade and the expensive equipment photographers must buy, maintain and replace regularly. Zero hours contracts are also exploitative and indicate that ad hoc work will be given. In this case the ethical choice would be to form a partnership with a local photographer/ several local photographers for these events or offer a competitive rate of pay as this would lead to the university paying a fair price for the service received .
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    Created by Calum Connelly
  • EBacc is discriminatory towards students with SEN
    The narrowing of the curriculum can only benefit the few, we are moving backwards not forwards. Students who are able in so many ways, but struggle in others, are going to find a system where they can only fail. Just because a student struggles to write today doesn't mean they wont be an excellent business person of tomorrow. Just think: Richard Branson, Winson Churchill, Walt Disney. Albert Einstein famously had specific learning needs and had a terrible memory, he constantly failed to memorize the simplist of things. In a system where students are expected to memorise fact after fact to be tested on whether they have remembered them (not necessarily if they have understood them or can adapt them) even Eistein would be classed as a failure, is that really right?
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    Created by Barbara Sandland
  • End rule by minorities
    40% of people did not vote in the last election as they felt their views were not represented or the current system meant their vote was meaningless. The Government was elected by less than 39% of those who voted. The Government received the votes of less than 20% of those entitled to vote. No Party could claim a Legitimate right rule the country after the last election. First past the post works well in a 2 party system, but that has ended.
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    Created by Colin Elstone
  • Say no to Sports Hub in Greenbelt Walton-on-Thames Riverside
    The site is 50 metres from the river Thames in a peaceful part of the river in Walton-on-Thames. Between the site and the waters edge sits the Weir Hotel, a public house that was built in 1856 and is frequented by many on a summers evening. The floodlighting will delete the night sky, causing so much light pollution , the bats that use the Thames Corridor for navigation will become confused. A noise survey was carried out in 2012 by the Weir Hotel proving the bats are here. The constant noise from 6 football pitches, 4 rented to the public until 10pm every night will cause noise pollution and destroy the ambience of this area. This proposed site is Council land and Elmbridge Borough Council are applying for planning permission for themselves. Please help us stop them.
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    Created by teresa desantis
  • Finish the ring road, Howes Lane
    Bicester was a little market town when we came here. We seem to be everything built here we havent got the roads or the schools. Bicester is becoming overcrowded as it is.
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    Created by Peter Biddle
  • bus stops outside lewisham police station
    they want to move the bus stops 150 metres from where they are. many people use these bus stops, including a lot of pensioners. i believe there can be a better solution than moving the stops.
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    Created by peter willson
  • stop forced adoption now
    too many children are being removed from loving families, more often than not by force; the end result is predictable, their voices are not heard; if you were to really ask children without using local authority employees; or representatives of, ie; cafcass, nyas, childrens services, you would get the same answer, why am i not allowed to go back home to my normal mum and dad; why are they with strangers, foster carers etc? little do they understand the fragility of their future; no-one has really told them, let alone talk to them, and ask them what they want. forced adoption, and the practise of it is draconian; the same with foster care; that too is enforced on the children that no-one wants to adopt. send them back home, stop wasting tax payers money on the excuse of possible future harm, it would cost far less financially and is in the interest of the child, if families need help; give them it, do not split them up ; and tear them apart because it is easier to do so!! spend the taxpayers money being used to keep them in care, away from their families differently, use it to enable parents to be better parents; so that their children can stay at home; with them
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    Created by peter newton
  • Gordon Brown please resign as an MP
    Gordon Brown promised the people of Scotland before the referendum vote that they would get Federalism if they voted No http://www.scotsman.com/news/politics/top-stories/gordon-brown-backs-federalism-in-event-of-no-vote-1-3511291 He is now calling on Scots to sign a petition asking the three unionist party leaders to keep their promise. He promised something he was not in a position to deliver and should therefore resign.
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    Created by Bill Cruickshank
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    Created by Michael Hunter
  • Mitigation Measures to Property on Peterborough to Spalding Railway Line
    IN Werrington there are over 500 Properties built since 1987 and over 270 Properties in Peakirk that will be within the Noise , Vibration , & Air Polution Para- -meter's of the New GN & GE Freight Railway Line with no Migation Measures such as Acoustic Fences , Earth Moulding , Landscaping Trees Evergreens , Bushes , Shrubs , Soundproofing to Houses Similar Measures have been installed to other Property Areas in Peterborough
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    Created by ivan hammond
  • Target Thomson's cruise ship slave labour.
    Would you think twice about going on a Thomsons cruise ship holiday if you knew the facts about it`s labour force? Non-EU citizens employed as housekeepers work long hours, without a single day off, over a seven month cruise season. A housekeeper's pay equates to about £2 an hour for back breaking hard work with as many as seventeen cabins and their passengers to look after. Living below decks in cramped, hot conditions, which are in stark contrast to the luxuries enjoyed by passengers above . Thomsons reported a "record" profit last year of £471 million. Thomsons need to improve standards and pay for its non-EU crew. Thomsons can boast its "record " profits but fail miserably in their duty to their non EU-staff .
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    Created by Barbara Evans
  • Balfour Day Service
    Because I used to go there but can't because of the 2005 criteria set by managers in council
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    Created by Daren Terry