• Reduce speeding around the town of March.
    The speeding that occurs around March on a regular basis,is criminal,dangerous,selfish,and ignorant.I ask the council to acknowledge this,as they have denied it recently,despite several examples,complaints,etc. And a major accident on Norwood Road. Do we want a loss of a life before something is done? I suggest this may happen if the council, Mr.Barclay, or the Police ,do not act.
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    Created by Mark Avery
  • Free prescriptions for transplant patients
    Right now, thanks to the selfless sacrifice of others, people all over the world every day at this very second are undergoing an organ transplant to save their lives but this is only part of a life long battle to stay alive. If you are one of those lucky enough to survive the transplant and the recovery period (which includes avoiding a number of complications, battling to prevent rejection, and in some cases hoping the disease doesn't take hold). In order to survive transplant patients have to take a variety of anti-rejection drugs every single day, drugs that they will take until the day they die. Transplant patients have no choice but to take the medication, without it they die. I know this because I am one of those transplant patients. After fighting through a period of ill health I recently felt well enough to get on with my life and I started work. The excitement of a new job was short lived when I found I had to start paying high prescription charges for the very medication I need to prevent my body from rejecting my transplant organ. I do not have a choice over taking this medication, it is literally life or death. I contacted my local MP and sent a letter to the Department for Health. The reply I received was simple: The medical exemption list was put together in 1968 and there are no plans to review this list. To me this is wrong. In 1968 there was no where near the amount of transplants as there are today and by not reviewing the list the Government are saying they do not care that people are forced to pay for life dependent medication. This is not good enough. In 2008 the Government promised to make prescriptions free for all those with long-term conditions in the coming years, however this has been scrapped by the current Government. However with enough signatures we can get the issue back on the agenda and make politicians answer to why they think it fair that transplant patients (who did not ask to be ill) pay prescription charges for life in order to survive.
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    Created by Kelly Knight
  • Reclassify what constitutes an affordable new home.
    The government's promise to provide greater numbers of "affordable housing" sounds good, the problem is that these homes are just not affordable to most people wishing to purchase their first home. Re-defining "affordable housing" to housing that can actually be afforded by families earning the national living wage would mean that these homes that the government has legislated could be bought by families who are currently priced out of ever buying their first home. With the erosion of social housing a growing problem, and for families not fortunate enough to have higher incomes and large deposits, many new and young families in particular are at the mercy of profiteering private landlords. Keeping the current requirements for affordable housing by developers, but making it realistically affordable, might start to address this problem.
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    Created by Dominic Miles-Shenton
  • cameron flouting the laws of the land
    The hunting act was passed in 2005 by a majority in Parliament. This law is regularly being broken and the law enforcers/government appear not to be acting to stop this. No hunt has been brought to court having been caught breaking the hunting act law. The police forces in these hunting area, seem to ignore the illegal activities of fox hunters. many illegal acts are caught on video, and yet cases bought before the courts thus far have been by private individuals ie RSPCA/LACS rather than law enforcement officers. Cameron is the Prime Minister of this country and should be seen to enforce these laws, instead of encouraging them. He is a well known fox hunter/supporter himself. There are many comments on Facebook regarding this issue, as the public dont understand why weekly we are learning about yet another illegal hunt, resulting in the death of a wild animal.
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    Created by dee donworth
  • Make Honours independent of the Prime Minister
    Every year we have a tawdry process of the Prime Minister using honours for influence and to reward friends and donors to their party. Celebrating people who do important work for others in public service, the business/charity sectors and popular figures in the arts, sport and media is important and the main purpose of having an honours system. Political interference devalues the reason for having honours. There is no reason why an independent committee could not ensure appropriate balance in the awarding of peerages where the recipient has a declared political allegiance.
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    Created by Martin McCrea
  • Social Housing in Stratford East London
    By upgrading the mostly unused tower blocks this would increase the social and key worker housing stock. The Carpenters Estate has a Tower Block and houses left empty for year in an area with no key workers homes or social housing. The Tower Block was considered unsafe but was used by the BBC during the Olympics and is still empty now. Newham Council's motto is " live work stay" but the reality is quite different We need homes for the people of newham not just empty tower blocks sold to overseas investors.
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    Created by margaret hamilton
  • Better mental health provision in the UK
    I lost my husband to mental health just before Christmas. This has ripped apart and devastated our family. As a family we were failed. We were given very little support and information. Basically left to cope on our own. More needs to be done. Mental illness can be a killer like cancer and heart disease but it has a very low profile and funding. This needs to change and it needs to change NOW! More and more people are suffering. Mental health wards are full yet run on minimal staff. Patient care is lacking and community follow up is so stretched that the support just isn't there. We need to change this for now and future generations. As a nation we need to do something. Stand together and fight for more help. Everyone knows someone affected. Please sign and support me in this campaign so we can hopefully change the lives of those suffering. Its what my husband would want us to do...he wasn't happy with the care he had.
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    Created by Cath Fletcher
  • Bio gas not fracking gas
    Although the scientific community have understood the dangers we face in climate change this is only just beginning to filter into the general public. MPs seem to be very loath to understand the issues. People have been saying fracking is safe rather than understanding that it is another fossil fuel and will contribute to global warming. Its short term safety is irrelevant. Why not spend our time and energy cleverly to produce the gas for our carbon neutral future. Invest in the small because we understand the big picture. Who are the lobbyists that persuade our MPs to allow our landscape to be ransacked for something that will only encourage more extreme climate events? Biomass gas could be an income stream for our farmers and Councils while giving us a carbon neutral gas. Invest now in our long term future - not in a fossil fuel.
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    Created by Marianne Martin
  • Dredging of all rivers and waterways to prevent flooding
    It's absolutly vital that all waterways are drained correctly and if the outfall being ditches or rivers are not clear and dredged fields flood and overwhelm the rivers causing them to breach their banks and flood defenses causing havoc and damage to property's, animal livelihood in flash floods and extra costs reinstating burst flood banks which could all be avoided if dredging of rivers and ditches were carried out yearly, it's such a simple process which could save massive costs in repairs and insurance claims.
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    Created by John Mcintosh
  • Understanding the benefits of getting disabled people into work
    During Channel 4’s leaders’ debate, a member of the audience asked what the Conservatives plan to do to get more disabled people into work. David Cameron replied that the culture of employers needs to change. I could not agree more. I am a visually impaired qualified business administrator who has also studied business studies seeking a new job in the administrative or marketing profession. I have been asked questions during interviews that would never be asked of a non-disabled candidate – such as how I use the telephone – despite evidence of my competencies and ability to do the job. According to the Labour Force Survey, disabled people remain significantly less likely to be in employment than non-disabled people. It is not enough to comply with disability discrimination legislation or to offer “guaranteed interviews” to disabled applicants. Employers fear that disabled employees will be a burden and so reject these candidates – on grounds such as lack of experience in an area of work not essential for the job – even when they perform well at interview. This is important to me as I am a disabled young individual who is desperate to find work, but to barriers which employers put I place, cannot get a job. This is very frustrating for me, as I want to give something back to the community as wellraising awareness that disabled people can work and are just as qualified as able bodied people
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    Created by isobel calladine
  • Uber: Pay your tax
    Uber has an estimated value of 33 billion in four years trading. In setting up in the uk it has appointed a friend of David Cameron as its head . At the same time it has registered its uk tax office in Amsterdam. According to an investigative tv programme (which I will not name incase its shut down) four existing London hackney cab drivers paid £23,500 in tax last year. Uber with its many drivers in London and other major Uk cities paid in total £2000 less. The Uk tax revenues will yet again be diminished even more as this corporation expands further. Where will these lost revenues for the NHS education and defence be replaced from. Who are the beneficiaries of this lost UK tax revenue.
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    Created by chris loughlin
  • I the undersigned wish to see the GP’s Surgery at Luddendenfoot maintained
    Whilst it’s great to live in such a beautiful part of the region, rural areas get a rough deal when it comes to services. I want to see the Doctors Surgery in Luddenden maintained to ensure those who depend on these services can continue to live in our area.
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    Created by Owen Gilroy