• Medical Professionals in the UK Seeking Registration
    Medical Professionals in the UK Seeking Registration is a campaign group being launched through RAPAR of around 500 medical professionals - doctors, nurses, technicians, pharmacists and dentists - who are being prevented from working in the NHS because of the unreasonably high English language testing requirements currently set by the professional bodies responsible for registering them. This problem also affects many more medical professionals who are not yet members of the campaign group. The campaign is calling on the GMC and other bodies to return to more realistic and appropriate English language requirements. Doctors who passed the previous language test standards are currently working successfully in the NHS. But now highly qualified doctors – many of whom have been forced to flee their home countries for humanitarian reasons – are being stopped from using their skills and expertise. Four years ago, the GMC raised its already high score for doctors in the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) even further. The exam tests general knowledge of English language and includes topics such as archaeology, jam making and current affairs – much of it irrelevant to the kind of terminology used by medical professionals. Dentists, pharmacists and technicians have also had their English language testing scores raised and want a return to the previous levels. In addition, they are asking the councils responsible for registering them to introduce the Occupational English Test (OET) which will cover medical contexts rather than topics that have nothing to do with their professions. Patients are in urgent need of these medical professionals - they should be given the opportunity to use their knowledge, proficiency and dedication to work in our struggling NHS.
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    Created by Rachel Luke
  • Bring back swimming in Bolton!!!
    This is important to the community because for a variety of years prior to now people have had to travel to swim and enjoy themselves, in which is difficult for people in certain circumstances lately. It is important for people who have children as they may not be able to travel so far or may not be able to afford to travel so far and pay for a swim also. This is important for those who don't drive. This is simply because it is easy to attend to and it is easy to pay public transport too if we had one much close to home. This is also important to those with disabilities. Simply because their carers may not be able to travel so far with the wheelchairs and walkers etc and may not be able to travel certain distances with their family members. This is important because people in certain situations like these could use these fun pools for education of some sort and would benefit from this increasingly! Persons like these are missing out on bundles of fun! Yes we have swimming pools in and around Bolton but each and every single one is basic. We want a swimming pool with slides and inflatables to be able have fun with instead of swimming lengths back and forth for hours! We want somewhere to swim with friends and family, we want somewhere to swim and have fun with these people and somewhere to make more memories! This would also create a variety of job opportunities for those who are looking to be employed and would also benefit from this too.
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    Created by Leah King
  • Stop putting School Childrens lives at risk
    This is important, we hear of deaths on our roads all the time, the M40 school bus crash lost the lives of all the children plus the unlicensed teacher that was driving after teaching for a day, Belt Up School Kids (BUSK) have campaigned for a change for years, now the law says it must be done, the EU have already said that the UK are facing a very heavy fine for not complying with the law, so there will be no cost saving. Private school children's parents pay fees for this service & don't realise that they have a unqualified driver & worse than that, the vehicle would have no insurance cover when the insurance company find out it 's driver has no licence, we need to protect our next generation. In state schools you now find community transport vehicles & unlicensed drivers for those vehicles performing this transport on a cut price basis so the LA can get the transport within their budget, this is since the austerity measures made at the same time as the EU law change.
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    Created by tony hill
  • End gambling ads. on TV
    Although we have now banned alcohol and tobacco advertising on TV there appears to be no control over the advertising of online gambling casino and bingo sites. These sites are largely endorsed by celebrities and are shown at times when our most vulnerable and lonely are viewing. I know from personal experience, through the death of my brother, by suicide. I was very close to him, but had no idea that he was a secret gambler. Gambling is as addictive as drinking and smoking, and in many ways more pernicious, causing other destructive behaviour. Often it those who an least afford to gamble who do so, people in financial trouble, who in a desperate attempt to pay off debts will gamble their last penny. The only winners are the sites themselves who load the odds against individuals winning. As a Samaritan listening volunteer I often take calls from desperate suicidal people who have become victims of such gambling sites.
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    Created by Linda Piggott-Vijeh
  • Ban debt collection agencies.
    To reduce poverty. To give the poor the opportunity to repay what they can afford. To reduce stress anxiety and depression. To stop legalised bullying and intimidation.
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    Created by Dermot Jones
  • The RBS scandal continues - Loans and Mortgages to be sold off to private equity firms
    The high street banks for the past 3 years have sold off vast portfolios of people loans and mortgages at huge discounts to private equity companies to improve their liquidity with no regard to the consequences to their clients. These private equity funds have the nickname of vulture funds for obvious reasons. They have the reputation of "manufacturing" defaults and calling up loans at no notice thereby putting the customer into bankruptcy or financial ruin. The government plans to sell off tranches of RBS customers loans to these vultures and they must be stopped. This is the equivalent of banks throwing their customers under a bus.
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    Created by Craig Giffen
  • Council Tax to be paid by ALL private landlords.
    In the street where I live more than 75% of the houses have been bought by private landlords who have converted them into multiple occupancy properties for students. The average house now accommodates 4 to 5 individual rooms paying an average of £100 per week each. And yet the landlords pay no council tax at all. Each of these houses produces more refuse than an average family does and yet they pay nothing towards bin collection or any of the other services that the council provides. At a time when local councils are struggling to provide basic services it is totally infuriating to see private landlords making huge profits from students without making any contribution to the local councils who provide the services we ALL benefit from.
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    Created by John Bloor
  • 20's Plenty for South Woodford & Wanstead
    Why? Research shows that reducing traffic speeds to 20 mph is one of the most effective ways of making our roads safer for children, older people, disabled people, pedestrians and cyclists. In the past five years there have been .... insert figures from analysis. Reduction in incidents data Does driving at 20 mph increase pollution? 20mph zones are supported by a many environmental groups such as Friends of the Earth as driving at 20 mph can reduce emissions. Driving at 20mph reduces braking and accelerating which increase a vehicles fuel consumption and emissions. The AA’s report, Fuel For Thought (Jan 2008) “accepts that targeted 20 mph speed limits in residential areas are popular and improve safety. Along shorter roads with junctions and roundabouts, limiting acceleration to up to 20 mph reduces fuel consumption" . Reference to imperial study? Does it increase my journey time? No. On our roads today it is very rare that you can travel at a constant speed of 30 mph. Bends, blind spots, parked cars, junctions, pedestrian crossings, cars turning right, traffic lights etc mean that you have to slow down or stop very often. Research shows that...... How can you help? 1. sign this petition and encourage your friends and neighbours to as well. 2. help us collect petition signatures [ insert Elisa'a contact?] 2. Show your support by displaying a 20's Plenty poster which you can download at http://bit.ly/2nxo0Nr
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    Created by Ellen Pugh
  • Transport link for people of THORNE, MOORENDS, RAWCLIFE BRIDGE TO GOOLE
    Remote villages need access to frequent reliable transport links to towns. Anyone who does not drives will be isolated and cut off from doing normal things in society
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    Created by Sally Lee
  • Make Haverhill Road safer for pedestrians
    Many pedestrians use this road, for walking to school, walking dogs or walking to/from the village. The lack of footpaths coupled with speeding cars or ones that do not give necessary space when oncoming makes it a treacherous stretch to walk.
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    Created by Louise Nafi
  • Repair the A82 and surrounding Lochaber Roads
    A serious accident is going to happen and more lives are going to be lost. People work hard to keep there cars on the road. People are having to pay for repairs to their cars, some people are struggling as it is. Something needs to done.
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    Created by Jacqui Campbell
  • Bean leach road pedestration crossing
    The majority of residents on the two roads are elderly There is also families with young children on these closes and a nursery on this side of the road. Car's are doing more than the 30mph and with two blind bends crossing over bean leach road from any of the culdasac's and nursery to reach the shops/bus stops etc on bosden farm is very dangures. With sevral near misses of children allready its an accident waiting to happen. Hopfully a crossing will also reduce residents needs to drive onto the estate
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    Created by Sam Bowden