• Keep Greenhaugh First School open
    16 first schools are at risk of closure to fit in with a proposal from one Academy Trust. If you close these schools down 16 struggling rural communities will loose young families because they won't have a local school for their children. This will rip the heart out of our communities. Imagine living in an area with no children.
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    Created by Stephen Jopling
  • potholes
    The potholes are dangerous to the public and drivers and Nottinghamshire county council and highways agency are nit bothered
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    Created by Julie Maltby
  • Safer roads in Penpedairheol
    So many children along with families and elderly are put at risk each day crossing the main road through Penpedairheol. There has been a number of accidents and children knocked down by the sheer number of cars which use the roads and the lack of visability due to parked cars. It is essential that our local council pay attention to ensuring we live in a safe environment in order to prevent a fatality.
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    Created by Emily Sms
  • Protect the rights of commonwealth citizens in the UK
    Retirement-age UK citizens who migrated from commonwealth countries as children, and who have lived, worked, and paid taxes in the UK for several decades, are now having their rights as British citizens called into question. British citizens are being denied NHS treatment, evicted from council homes and denied the right to work, on the basis that they do not have the paperwork to prove their entitlement to these basic British, and fundamentally human, rights. Take the case of 63 year old Albert Thompson. He has lived and worked in London for 44 years, but was recently denied NHS treatment for cancer because he is not able to produce a British passport. He will only receive the treatment if he can produce the £54,000 needed to fund it. He arrived from Jamaica as a teenager, but the Home Office is disputing his eligibility to remain here. Last year he was evicted from his council-owned accommodation because the Home Office suddenly questioned his eligibility. According to the migration charity Praxis, they have seen a sharp rise in cases like this since records began in 2015. British citizens cannot allow this callous treatment of our friends and neighbours to continue.
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    Created by Marie Haskins
  • Part-time Maintenance loans for all students
    It is unfair to allow new students to access the new maintenance loans whereas existing students are unable to have the new loans at all. It is not justified and is seriously unfair for anyone who has already started their courses.
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    Created by Lisa Evans
  • Stop the inequality that exists in pain management in the NHS
    Pain management is an important part of treating people with chronic pain so that they can continue living their lives and functioning on a day to day basis. My mum has fibromyalgia and a degenerative spinal condition and neck. She has been offered very little help on the NHS but she was receiving steroid injections every three months that enabled her to walk again and function on a daily basis. Her commissioning group in Nottingham have now decided that they will no longer offer this service and she has received a letter informing her that if she wants to continue receiving the treatment she will have to pay £550 a time. If she lived in Derbyshire she could continue to receive this treatment for FREE. My mum is 73, she worked all of her life and has paid into the NHS and taken very little out. It is completely unfair to expect my mum who only has her pension to live on to find this money when other people are receiving the treatment for FREE. I understand that the NHS doesn't have money for everything but these injections have been keeping my mum out of a wheelchair and able to walk, able to exercise and able to live her life without the constant pain that she has to endure on a daily basis. The only alternative she is ever given is opiate pain killers which are known to be addictive and do nothing but make her feel ill. Please help me to raise awareness of the inequality that exists in the services that are offered for those who need chronic pain management and campaign for the Nottingham commissioning group to reinstate these services and offer some hope for those with chronic pain to continue receiving treatment for FREE. Health care should not be a postcode lottery. The government have caused this lottery by allowing local areas to commission their own services that they feel will benefit their areas this is causing massive inequalities in health care. The government should ensure that all patients have access to services regardless of where they live. I therefore call upon the government to end the postcode lottery that exists in health care and ensure that everyone has the same access to services.
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    Created by Debbie Moody
  • Check every child for tongue tie at birth.
    The Scottish Government promote breastfeeding as being best for baby and provide literature about positioning and attachment but when a baby has a tongue tie sometimes no amount of repositioning can help the excruciating pain it causes for the mother and tongue tied babies also often struggle to transfer milk. As babies need fed very often a tongue tie can cause terrible anguish for the mother and make her give up. Tongue ties are becoming increasingly common and a simple procedure is all it takes to remedy them so all babies should be checked at birth.
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    Created by Chala Mckenna
  • HELP FOR those with Autism in Halton
    Because having only 1 Autism/Asperger group mainly for kids there is no official group for adults on the autism spectrum in Halton B.C so i feel the council is not doing enough to give help providing a group to socialize with other people with the same conditions
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    Created by PETER LANCASTER
  • Lancashire County Council withdraws any intention of awarding the contract To Virgin Care
    This will cost local Lancashire Health Trusts £2.08mil for a nominal saving. It is important to reduce outsourcing because private providers owe a duty to their shareholders, as well as patients and may therefore seek to hide behind principles of ’commercial confidentiality’. Private providers are not subject to the Freedom of Information law in the same way that NHS organisations are
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    Created by Gina Eastwood
  • Say NO! to Heathrow Expansion into Stanwell and Stanwell Moor's Open Spaces
    We treasure the open land to the north of Stanwell and Stanwell Moor, populated in many places by trees and bushes, which acts as a baffle and carbon sink, and reduces the amount of air pollution and ground noise crossing the short distance from the airport to reach our villages. At times, for some of us, the air can be difficult to breathe due to fumes; imagine what it would be like if Heathrow were allowed to go ahead with their plans to concrete over “Stanwell’s green lungs” in their anticipation of being given the go ahead for the third runway to the north of the airport. North-east Ashford is also affected with plans for a polluted water and sewerage site, and other loss of open land in West Bedfont. Please sign the petition and visit our Facebook Page (Stanwell's Green Lungs) @stanwellsgreenlungs to find out more, or email us on [email protected]
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    Created by Paul Jacobs
  • STOP the Severnside incinerator
    This petition urges MCC to overturn the decision to allow DC/2017/00563 to go ahead and furthermore to reject the application DC/2017/00700 by DPS waste incineration. This directly affects your health and that of your family and friends. YOUR VOICE MATTERS and IT DOES COUNT. If approved Severnside air pollution WILL increase forever, with significant predictable life threatening and life changing health consequences for many, including the most vulnerable youngest members of society. Research has proven unborn babies; infants and children are most at risk from incinerator emissions. Incinerators are associated with direct causal links to all-cause mortality, cardiovascular mortality and lung cancer, including both adult and childhood cancer. Other associated issues include: birth defects, increased respiratory issues, emotional and behavioural problems in children including autism, dyslexia, ADHD, learning difficulties, and delinquency. And, furthermore potential cell level genetic changes pose a risk to future generations. Whilst in adults: violence, dementia, depression and Parkinson’s disease are all attributable. These findings come from a wide variety of peer reviewed research and reports conducted by The World Health Organisation, British Heart Foundation, British Lung Foundation, DEFRA, Asthma UK, and many others. The latest planning application (DC2017/00700) is needed to build Chimneystacks for the operation of both the incinerator unit and storage units for the waste both pre and post incineration. The planned chimneystacks are out of keeping with surrounding local village architecture and may potentially contravene NPPF guidelines. Equally the granting of this application may contravene The Future Generations Act 2015 and this must be considered in any decision made. No one can guarantee that waste incineration is totally safe for public health. The toxic emissions and particulate pollution have to go somewhere. It is enshrined in EC and UK legislation that reducing emissions produces true health benefits, reduces the burden on healthcare, and protects against the impacts of acid air, and its effect on water including local and wide ranging ecosystems and the food chain. . Research has demonstrated that the hazards of incineration are greater than previously realised especially relating to fine and ultra fine particulates. Operating waste incinerators in urban areas results in dangerous health and environmental consequences from both construction and operation. The proposed site is adjacent to a community Greenfield site (The Cornfield project), used daily by dog walkers as well as families using the numerous picnic areas contained within it. Caldicot Castle and Country Park are within ½ mile, which is also used for food festivals and outdoor concerts exposing even more people to potential harm. In the village there is an infant/junior school whilst a newly built comprehensive lies within two miles. Furthermore there is already one housing development locally of 212 houses and a proposed development of 285 houses and dementia care facility to be built virtually opposite this facility. Residents of Severnside have the human right to clean air and their health protected. Transport of the Waste to the plant causes another issue, with huge diesel lorries coming and going from Bristol to the property throughout the day passing both the country park, new development and dementia care facility on the Crick Road site in Portskewett. The company will be self regulated meaning they would be responsible for reporting their own breaches. In other self-regulatory plants it has been reported there have been over 1000 breaches recorded. And whilst it is implied the emissions from the plant “Will not harm the health of residents”, what safeguards are there for more vulnerable groups, including those with asthma, COPD and youngsters whose lung development can be stunted by pollution This plant may potentially release a cocktail of particulate matter, chemicals, metals, dioxins and furans - the most toxic chemicals known to science. The major source of dioxins & furans in the environment come from burning waste! Experts have warned these are all a major cause of cancers, birth defects, breathing difficulties and heart disease. These poisons will fall over a wide area around Severnside and beyond, wherever the winds take it. We urge MCC to disallow planning for the proposed stacks and to overturn its original decision (DC/2017/00563) to allow the site to be used for incineration. Sign this petition. Save our future generations by saying no to incineration.
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    Created by Gary Turner
  • Don’t stop our coast hopper
    It is a vital desperately important means if transport
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    Created by Lucy Healing