• Please make the entrance and exit to Booker Park School a no stopping zone.
    Booker Park is a School for children with special needs and as such, almost every child there is driven to school in the morning and picked up inthe afternoon. This means that here is a huge number of vehicles trying to get into and out of the site at the same time. If any cars at all are parked on the road at the entrance, the entire school site gets gridlocked and staff or parents have to oversee directing traffic to ease this. Often the only option is to reverse many, many vehicles back out onto the road. This not only constitutes a huge danger to the few children whose parents walk them into and out of the school site, but it also causes delays for those parents who have to pick up siblings from mainstream schools. There is no one at the school who should have to come and direct traffic. Parents should not have to leave their cars with children in, to negotiate moving other vehicles so that everyone can leave the site.
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    Created by Marianne Ponsonby-White
  • Road Safety Improvement for Rayleigh Road Eastwood
    Due to a high traffic accidents! Pedestrian safety/child safety while walking to and from three local schools. Traffic accidents at a high with fatalities due to speeding vehicles which needs to be addressed as a matter of urgency! High volume of traffic including large vehicles now using this as a through road where cars are parked on both sides of the street.
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    Created by Kirsty Jones
  • Reinstate the number 25 bus to Wiveliscombe
    People in Wiveliscombe rely on the 7am bus to get them to work and college on time. The 7am bus is being cut meaning people will not be able to get into Taunton on time. The last bus coming back to Wiveliscombe is now going to be 5.45 meaning people will not be able to return from work and college. People of Wiveliscombe pay their council tax and demand the services reinstated. The council should be encouraging people to use public transport not taking it away.
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    Created by Ruth Irvine
  • Petition requesting a residential parking scheme in our area of Tynemouth.
    Latest information received in December last year suggests a new permit parking policy is in the process of being implemented across North Tyneside. At some point in the coming weeks or months, residents who have voiced concerns will be contacted about the possibility of implementing a permit parking scheme or parking restrictions. To stand any chance of having a residential parking scheme, we must cooperate and voice our opinion.
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    Created by Kevin Johnson
  • Why tax on foreign income as it is not considered to get home mortgage by any leading banks of UK
    Coin has two sides. If you do not consider worldwide income for a first time buyer of home mortgage, then how come you can tax him / her on his / her foreign income?
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    Created by Yatin Malkan
  • Stop the introduction of compulsory tests for children in reception
    The government are introducing compulsory testing for children in reception. The tests will be in numeracy, literacy and behaviour. A £10m trial will begin in September, with the aim of introducing it to all infant schools in 2020. This must be stopped. Though early assessments are important, baseline testing is not the way to approach this. Different ways of assessing children were explored in 2015, and the most popular was based solely on observation of children. The approach of baseline testing came under scrutiny from teaching unions and parents, and the Department for Education quickly put an end to the tests, claiming the different approaches were too hard to compare. However, here we are again, and this time compulsory baseline tests are being pushed through. The only way to stop this is to speak up. The tests are unreliable. Many factors are thought to 'scew' the results, including 'whether the child was summer born, spoke English as a first language, or had settled happily into school.' The tests are also risking making social inequality worse. 'Parents with high expectations will prepare their children, which could mean these infants have a higher score and that higher expectations will follow them throughout their school careers. The opposite could be true for children from disadvantaged homes.' So the disadvantaged, the youngest, those who do not speak English as a first language, even those who are shy and not settling as well as others could have their education seriously damaged by these tests. Is this not discrimination? This approach being pushed through seems to be based on a November OFSTED report that 'highlighted that a third of five-year-olds, and half of disadvantaged ones, were not reaching expected standards of development in their reception year. The inspectors recommended more focus on reading, including phonics.' It suggested that reception pupils need to be 'pushed harder in reading and maths'. However, this is being challenged by parents, teachers and other education experts, who claim the OFSTED report was biased because 'the schools used as good examples by the inspectorate were chosen for their more formal approach.' The evidence suggests that baseline testing will be extremely damaging. Please sign and share this petition to show Damian Hinds that it is not supported. A good summary of everything you need to know about this issue: https://www.theguardian.com/education/2018/jan/16/tests-reception-children-immoral-england-play
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    Created by Amy Howarth
  • Stornoways gritting policy
    The road are being left in a state that is potentially life threatining
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    Created by Ruairdh Macleod
  • Frontline staff on boards of management of companies and nhs trusts
    At present decisions are made by senior staff who have little or no contact with the frontline and the staff who work there and all information is received through middle managers or through impersonal reports and graphs leading to poor decision making and unnecessary failure of companies and trusts, loss of jobs and hardship suffered mainly by frontline staff.
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    Created by Elias Cheriyan
  • Branson to be stripped of knighthood for tax avoidence
    Tax evasion effects all aspects of our daily lifes and strips our nhs of vital funding amd resources
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    Created by Brett Chesman
  • Save Stepney's Cafe
    Stepney's Cafe has been a key social point for the community since it opened and it's closure will be a huge loss. The cafe provides a safe, comfortable environment for families to relax and enjoy time with friends and children.
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    Created by Colin Mcivor Main
  • A safe passing to Carlton and Faceby school.
    We believe there is a genuine risk to children. Having to walk 30 metres down a busy road to the recommend parking place. This seems completely unnecessary when a footpath clearly is the answer.
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    Created by Robert Jinks
  • Improving Lea Village Park
    Lea Village park is an important resource for the whole community to share and to be proud of. We have tried to do our own bit to make it better but we can’t do it alone. Having pupils in our school that rely on wheelchairs, it is important to us that the park is accessible to all of us and that they aren’t excluded from trips to the park. We would like to see the park used to its full extent by all local people. We are happy to do some fundraising of our own to help with this cause.
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    Created by Karen Kershaw