• Permanent Scottish Environmental Protection Agency in Grangemouth
    To liase interact and to be on hand when industry breaches the regulations and to assist and inform both the public and industry as needed in Grangemouth .
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    There are 2 care homes with disabled residents, school children, families, park users and pedestrians on Thicket Road. Residents are scared to walk the pavements, road users are out at risk. Speeding is constant and violation of the one way system rules are regular. Nightime "racing" and mopeds are hazardous. Traffic and reckless driving are common throughout the day. This road has been described as "hell" and a "race track" and it is time that Bromley Council consider residents above statistics.
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  • Speed bumps on kintyre crescent
    To keep our street residents and children safe
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  • Save Our Community Hall
    It is important to retain the use of the hall for all members of the Community. Re-building it half the size will exclude anyone who needs a reasonable space for their events.
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    Planning permission has been applied for to build 91 acres of permanent and seasonal white plastic polytunnels in Ocle Pychard. The face of the beautiful green county of Herefordshire is slowly being wrapped in plastic, turning it into an industrial wasteland for yet more strawberry production. The application also includes a settlement to house 330 itinerant workers. The people who live in this tranquil and rural area - many of whom are elderly, and have lived their whole lives here - now face the prospect of being surrounded, their rural views being replaced by 5.2m high polythene structures. There will be negligible benefit to the local residents and businesses, as these farms operate as independent, isolated and self-contained communities. This development only benefits the owner, who doesn't even live here. Noise pollution, light pollution, loss of biodiversity and natural habitats, the effect on leisure and tourism, increased heavy traffic on the roads ... the impact of such a development is massive. Combine that with the damage to the wellbeing and peace of mind of the people who live here, and you have to ask whether it's really worth it. Each such development that is granted permission by the council paves the way for the next development. When will it end? Will the rural counties of the UK disappear under oceans of plastic as Almeria in Spain has? If you feel strongly that this type of exploitation of our countryside should not be allowed please object to this application now.
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  • Keep the roundabout at Huntercombe Lane/A4 Bath Rd Junction
    Traffic flows much more freely, even with the roadworks and barriers in place. This is a busy and major Road/Junction and the roundabout is enabling the movement of vehicles in a much more efficient manor.
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  • Stop house building in Midlothian
    Our GP services are on their knees Our roads are gridlocked due to sheer number of cars, limited roads out of Midlothian and poor public transport for many areas Our schools are bursting at the seams with children being shipped out of catchment schools due to lack of space Lack of investment into community resources - there are few services for our elderly, teenagers and young children. Our green belt is disappearing - with a significant impact on our health and the environment Private housing is not a priority - we need to prioritise council and housing association accommodation
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  • Speed bumps
    I feel it is important because cars are not sticking to the correct speed limit . They are not slowing down.. Not safe for humans or animals that are crossing as some drivers are going far to fast .. There are schools , nurseries near by.
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  • Why have the Heritage Lottery Fund sold Hastings Pier?
    Hastings Pier is a community asset which was rebuilt with £14 million pounds of public money. Despite winning the RIBA Stirling Prize for architecture, the Pier's lack of infrastructure made a sustainable business model impossible without further investment in profitable buildings and entertainment to capitalise on the many visitors the landmark attraction drew. In November 2017, Hastings Pier Charity's board stepped down, and control was handed to The Heritage Lottery Fund, who committed to finding a long term solution to Hastings Pier. They agreed to prioritise community ownership of the building, and set themselves the deadline of November 2018. A community group called 'The Friends of Hastings Pier' quickly mobilised and have submitted a proposal in partnership with a commercial operator. The proposal includes joint investment worth £1m, including a crowd funder which is poised to exceed its target of £500k any moment. The HLF, instead, have chosen to go for a quick sale to a private entrepreneur, handing him ownership of a rebuilt community asset for the sake of private profit. What is particularly worrying is that the Heritage Lottery Fund are trying to absolve responsibility of this decision - they must answer for their actions and explain how and why this decision was reached.
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    This is important for two reasons - to allow those affected by the proposed significant development of the airport to speak and be heard, and to enable Council Members to ask questions and better understand the implications of their decision.
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  • Traffic Calming and Crossing needed in Haverhill
    Burton End Road is a main road in Haverhill. It is used by hundreds of vehicles daily and acts as a main thoroughfare for hundreds of children and their carers attending one of several schools within the area. At the moment, the road narrows to single file at one end and relies on vehicles giving way to each other which more often than not encourages drivers to speed up, going way above the 30mph limit, as they don't want to wait. Vehicles are often seen mounting the already very narrow pavements barely missing pedestrians as well as racing towards pedestrians who attempt to cross the road. We would like to see several changes made to the area including -regular clearance of the foliage opposite Anglian Place which obstructs the narrow pavements - metal barriers along the pavements where the traffic goes into single file -a zebra crossing near to Cleves Road -flashing signs which show the drivers the speed they are travelling at These changes will ensure the risk of a child being run over dramatically reduced as well as encourgage more children and their carers to walk to school as it will be safer thus reducing the traffic volume and carbon emissions.
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    Created by Laura McShane
  • Environmentally friendly industrial units
    Large industrial units are spoiling the natural landscape of many towns and villages. Too often beautiful vistas are ruined by these ugly structures. If constructors were enforced to ensure the units made the minimum impact, then at least we are doing something to help this cause. In addition, if we can go as far as having living walls and roofs, then that would have an added benefit to the ecosystem. These simple changes shouldn't really have a huge impact on the construction cost.
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