• Make the notorious Beck Street crossing safe for pedestrians
    For staff and frequent visitors in nearby buildings, it has been well-known for years that the green man signal here is dangerously misrepresentative. However, to those pedestrians unfamiliar with this crossing, to children, to people with health conditions and impairments, and to the elderly - being able to place trust in the safety of a green man signal is vital. We have been raising this issue with the Road Safety department at the City Council, Cllr Jon Collins who's ward the crossing is in, and Nottinghamshire Police who are responsible for enforcement (but not road safety design itself) over several years now. Drivers making this turn are paying attention only to the two oncoming lanes of traffic. On accelerating into a gap in the traffic they are upon the pedestrian crossing immediately since it runs immediately alongside Huntingdon Street. If they see a pedestrian on the crossing at this stage, stopping means halting sideways on in two lanes of on-coming traffic. In June 2018 I was hit by a car making this illegal turn on the crossing, with green man on. The accident could easily have been much worse. Next time, it may well be. Drivers are able to make this illegal manoeuvre with impunity, and it is a fatal accident waiting to happen. In September 2018 footfall across this junction will increase several times over, with the opening of a second university building across the junction, splitting NTU's Confetti Campus across Beck Street - resulting in hundreds more pedestrian journeys over this lethal crossing daily. The Council are well aware of this issue and have chosen in their statement in June 2018 to prioritise the potential inconvenience to traffic over the safety of pedestrians. "Options for making changes at this junction would unfortunately lead to traffic congestion and delays" said Nottingham City Council on 26 June. This position is no longer (nor has even been) acceptable and we ask for an immediate reassessment of pedestrian safety at the junction and measures to solve the problem of traffic persistently turning right through a green man signal. References: https://www.nottinghampost.com/news/nottingham-news/death-dangerous-city-centre-crossing-1738515#ICID=sharebar_facebook https://nottstv.com/programme/meet-the-locals-campaigning-for-better-signage-at-one-nottingham-junction-26-06-18/ *Photo by Angela Ward of the Nottingham Post.
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  • Save Feltham Showman's Site
    The Showman's Guild Community have been resident in Feltham for over 100 years. We have lived in partnership with the wider Feltham community as the town has grown around them. The land and properties are mainly individually owned by the showman residents, with the rest being council housing. We base our well-established traditional businesses in this area; raise their families and contribute to the wider community. A lot of the residents in the Station Estate Road and New Road, the areas that are being threatened, were born and have lived all of their lives in this close knit community as have several generations before them. Feltham has recently been designated a Housing Priority Area and Hounslow Council has formulated a Master Plan in accordance with this. This Master Plan has identified Station Estate Road and the adjoining New Road Homes for development. It is the only site identified that is already residential. We would have to relocate if this plan goes ahead. This is against our wishes and insults the heritage of our community. The Council have not made alternative plans for this community; they have no idea where they would relocate us and no understanding of our needs. Any land designated for showman's usage needs to be sanctioned for their sole use and be deemed appropriate; they cannot just be given open land. On Station Estate Road and New Road we have built our homes and storage for our businesses. The multi-story development that the Council is proposing is not necessary and not wanted by the wider local community. It would remove the open suburban feel of Feltham that you get when leaving the Railway Station. The additional properties being proposed would put additional strains on the Feltham Infrastructure. Please support our historic community and prevent us from being dispersed by signing this petition against the relocation of Feltham Showman's Site.
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  • Stop the Velo South Cycle Event - 23rd September in West Sussex
    The event will hold hostage thousands of residents in their own homes around the 100 mile route for up to 8 hours, cost local businesses real money, risk the livelihood of farmers and welfare of farm animals, all for the commercial gain of Velo South. West Sussex County Councillors were not able to democratically vote on this and neither were Chichester District Council nor the Parish Councils.
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  • Save Victoria Road School
    The brave, hard working fishermen of Torry gifted money to the City Council to build a school for their children to ensure they would receive an education.
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  • Speak up for Fordingbridge's natural, recreational resources!
    To promote/maintain the mental and physical health and wellbeing of local residents and visitors; To retain the rural nature of this town and its views of importance; To safeguard the tranquility of this particular area for existing and future residents; To protect the wonderful natural landcapes and rich biodiversity of this area; To continue to provide wild open spaces, where local children and adolescents can experience and connect with nature (which is also linked with improved childhood mental health and wellbeing, similarly to adults); For the District Council to take the lead and set new nationwide standards, by truly putting biodiveristy and health & wellbeing, at the heart of their local planning decisions. Can I please suggest that everyone read the plan, spread the word and also make their own individual representations via the official response form on NFDC website: http://www.newforest.gov.uk/localplan2016 Then.email it to: [email protected]fdc.gov.uk Or post it to: Policy and Plans Team, New Forest District Council, Appletree Court, Beaulieu Road, Lyndhurst, Hampshire, SO43 7PA. By 12/08/2018. This area is used widely by a lot of residents, who may not live directly by the proposed sites and therefore may not have received correspondence from the NFDC about the plans...so please spread the word far and wide so.we can send a united response to the NFDC that calls for some reasonable changes to the proposed Local Plan!
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  • Preserve Shoreham by Sea Public Library
    This building is a classic piece of mid twentieth century architecture. It beautifully complements the historic and verdant churchyard adjacent. If it closes as a library, which we hope it will not, then it would make a first class art gallery, which Shoreham desperately needs.
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  • Permanent Scottish Environmental Protection Agency in Grangemouth
    To liase interact and to be on hand when industry breaches the regulations and to assist and inform both the public and industry as needed in Grangemouth .
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    There are 2 care homes with disabled residents, school children, families, park users and pedestrians on Thicket Road. Residents are scared to walk the pavements, road users are out at risk. Speeding is constant and violation of the one way system rules are regular. Nightime "racing" and mopeds are hazardous. Traffic and reckless driving are common throughout the day. This road has been described as "hell" and a "race track" and it is time that Bromley Council consider residents above statistics.
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  • Speed bumps on kintyre crescent
    To keep our street residents and children safe
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  • Save Our Community Hall
    It is important to retain the use of the hall for all members of the Community. Re-building it half the size will exclude anyone who needs a reasonable space for their events.
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    Planning permission has been applied for to build 91 acres of permanent and seasonal white plastic polytunnels in Ocle Pychard. The face of the beautiful green county of Herefordshire is slowly being wrapped in plastic, turning it into an industrial wasteland for yet more strawberry production. The application also includes a settlement to house 330 itinerant workers. The people who live in this tranquil and rural area - many of whom are elderly, and have lived their whole lives here - now face the prospect of being surrounded, their rural views being replaced by 5.2m high polythene structures. There will be negligible benefit to the local residents and businesses, as these farms operate as independent, isolated and self-contained communities. This development only benefits the owner, who doesn't even live here. Noise pollution, light pollution, loss of biodiversity and natural habitats, the effect on leisure and tourism, increased heavy traffic on the roads ... the impact of such a development is massive. Combine that with the damage to the wellbeing and peace of mind of the people who live here, and you have to ask whether it's really worth it. Each such development that is granted permission by the council paves the way for the next development. When will it end? Will the rural counties of the UK disappear under oceans of plastic as Almeria in Spain has? If you feel strongly that this type of exploitation of our countryside should not be allowed please object to this application now.
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  • Keep the roundabout at Huntercombe Lane/A4 Bath Rd Junction
    Traffic flows much more freely, even with the roadworks and barriers in place. This is a busy and major Road/Junction and the roundabout is enabling the movement of vehicles in a much more efficient manor.
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