• Save Crow Nest
    In spite of 180 written objections, plans for a quarry at Crow Nest have been given the go ahead. The consequences of the plan include: - Large lorries carrying quantities of heavy rock, bringing intolerable levels of dust, noise, pollution and congestion to our peaceful community. - Dirt, disruption and noise from the quarry itself, which is set to operate daily between 7am and 7pm. - The closure of all footpaths and traditional rights of way on Crow Nest common. - The destruction of the woodland that runs behind the football pitch and beyond, involving the loss of the native animals, birds and wild flowers that have made it their home. - The loss of the large, grassy meadow that borders the golf course, which will be turned into a bare and stony landscape for the dumping of mining waste. Please sign this petition to help ensure that Hove Edge retains it's much valued green spaces and remains a peaceful and pleasant place to live. Such a beautiful, precious space. Home to over one thousand trees and Marshalls want to destroy it!
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    Created by Hove Edge Residents
  • Reverse the decision to build on Culloden Battlefield
    Please sign and Share. This is disrespectful to the fallen Scots and also the English. Culloden is close to the hearts of every born Scot. A loss that's felt to this day. There is more than enough land in and around Inverness to build without it being done on a burial / battle site of National importance. Please share...
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  • Protect Kent Communities from border checks + traffic chaos in 2019 /2020
    Evidence (from Institute for Government, British Ports Association, Ports of Dover and Calais, Eurotunnel, Freight Trade Association, Imperial College) shows that M20 and M2 and surrounding roads are likely to become slow traffic jams, if, a) the UK government takes us out of the Customs Union and the Single market, b) we don’t get a ‘no-tariff deal’, and consequently, DOVER and KENT are badly affected by the new border checks that follow. New 2018 evidence is even clearer of how unprepared we are. However we each voted in 2016, we cannot allow our journeys to work, school or health care appointments to be subject to gridlock, that will also affect emergency vehicles and tourists across the channel wanting to visit White Cliffs Country. Delays in the delivery of perishable food could cause ‘stockouts’ in supermarkets, a lack of pickers means crops are being wasted. As a result, food prices will rise, making life yet harsher for the most deprived. Computerised checks don't exist and to introduce them could take 5 years or more. The road infrastructure in East Kent needs to be extensively up-dated, in a SUSTAINABLE manner, if it is to cope. Contraflow is not a solution. We call on the UK government, to agree a ‘no-tariff deal’, to provide decisions and funding for Border Force to prepare adequately for change. We call on Kent County Council, to hold public consultations before February 2019, about the infrastructure needed. We call on all Kent MPs to vote this summer for a ‘no-tariff deal’ that will start to reduce the Kent traffic chaos we are told to expect.
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    Created by S.J. Waite
  • Save the Glasgow Queen St Station Arch
    Glasgow residents and visitors have been delighted to see the beautiful 1842 arch revealed in all its glory after the recent demolition of the 1970s Station facade. We'd like to see the arch preserved in the proposed design.
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  • Remove the Pointless Fence on Den Lane, Uppermill, Saddleworth
    It is important because this fence is destroying a beautiful place that is a haven for tourists, locals and wildlife. On May 16th work started building a fence. Nobody was consulted and noone had been informed about it. Immediately the local councillors, residents, the former mayor all objected. Their requests for a site visit were all ignored. The workers refused to give their names, their bosses contacts, where they worked from, which department. They refused any information. Dozens of residents contacted Network Rail via their helpline along with the councillors - still no site visit and the request for the work to be stopped was ignored. No less than thirty letters later and still no phone call nor site visit. Rather than speak to the local parish councillors to talk about a fence that would be more in keeping, and trackside where the original fence is, Network Rail sent more men with bigger machines to, as one of their workers said, 'put it up quick'. One week later and Den Lane as it was was destroyed. And still no call from Mr Carnes office. Network Rail had already caused a lot of damage to the area, chopping down ancient trees in the middle of the nesting season. Here on Den Lane we have bats, owls, deer, foxes, jays and lots of other wildlife. Trees had been felled directly next to the roosting site of bats. What Network Rail have done is shocking. They are doing this all over the country and it has to stop. And it stops right here. And we hope others will join us in challenging Network Rail's 'slash and burn' approach. NOTE IMPORTANT Network Rail have cited cases of people and children trespassing onto the track to justify their actions. We have checked with the Police and no cases have been reported to the local Police in the last 11 years. Also Network Rail cite vandalism [their actions are an act of vandalism in fact] as another reason for the fence. However zero cases of vandalism to the track area have ever been reported. The only 'vandalism' that has occurred was the dismantling by locals of the Pointless Fence last week. That however was not vandalism, but an act of direct protest by people who felt they were being ignored. Vandalism is the defacing of property. Dismantling a fence in protest is not vandalism. Also the fence is entirely pointless - reason? You can access the line easily on the other side of the track from the bridleway. That is in fact where the fence needs to be built. Mark Carne CEO Network Rail has wasted £30,000 of public money on... The Pointless Fence. And unfortunately for the residents of Uppermill, they have also wrecked Den Lane in the process.
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  • Save The Rock Barn
    The Rock Barn, Home of MuzoAkademy, provides unique services to the community of West Oxfordshire and is at risk of demolition to make way for 6 luxury flats. Based in the heart of Witney, the Rock Barn welcomes everyone to engage with music to enrich their lives and the lives of others. The Rock Barn has become a community hub for people from 3 yrs to 89 yrs many with mental health, physical, learning and clinical needs. There is no other provision like the Rock Barn in the local area. If you work, live or study in West Oxfordshire (child or adult) please sign.
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  • Glasgow Parking (West) Crisis
    GCC are doing a fantastic job by stealth of fining residents who already hold parking permits. It's night after night, scores of tickets for £60 have been issued. This will drive away our friends, relatives and above all shoppers to Byres Rd. Prepare for a retail meltdown like in 2008 when there were 12 empty shops for 5 years on one of Scotland's alleged Premier shopping street, really! And the parking wardens are not observing for 10 minutes before issuing tickets. The last Labour led council started this scheme to fill their dwindling coffers. I want the SNP led council to fix it ASAP. I didn't vote for this parking regime, neither did the people who have signed this petition. What exactly is the extra revenue being spent on, certainly not the roads! The parking wardens have arrived en mass in white mini vans at gone 6pm and stay in the area until almost 10pm every night. Clearly they are not issuing enough tickets during the daytime to meet their quotas! One person told me allegedly they posse of parking wardens are a private firm bussed in from England, I will investigate further.
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  • Save Barrington Court Gardens
    Camden's plans for houses on these sites are a really bad idea for several reasons. These will NOT be Social Housing and it is very unlikely that they'll be able to sell these plots at any profit. Camden's previous attempts at developments nearby have resulted in empty apartments. Local Residents' concerns about what will be built on the sites are being ignored so that Camden have a chance of selling them off to a private developer. Please sign our petition to object to development of these 3 sites. It is now time for Camden to listen to the local community. Your voice counts!
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    Created by Alex Newnham
  • RailPlan20/20 changes - London Bridge to Littlehampton
    On May 20th 2018 Thameslink and Southern train timetable changes. Passenger journeys in London and the south east have more than doubled in the last two decades. With such a growth Thameslink decided to reduce the number of trains on this route from 3 to 2. Both passing from Bedford with not enough capacity for the amount of passengers commuting on this route. In addition, the last train is at 5.55 not suitable for most City workers hence creating work issues work such huge working population. We need more trains!
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  • Re-Development for Stallards Skate Park in Trowbridge
    The young people of Trowbridge have moved forward over the last 10 years, as has scootering and skating in general, the park is not accessible to new riders as it is an extreme park and their is no information on the outside of the park to explain the safety aspect to the users of parents. The park has a lot of additional areas that could be easily developed to incorporate a better space for young people and help them from using streets to preform their tricks to increase their ability. The skate Park in Trowbridge is well used and with better facilities to a growing number of young people could be increased further.
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    Created by Sarah Holland
  • Help the Mau Mau Bar on Portobello Road survive.
    The Licensing officials at the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea are reviewing licensing hours of the Mau Mau Bar on Portobello Road. At present its 11pm in the week and midnight Friday Saturday. This will make it very hard for the bar to survive as it needs the after pub revenue from the area to carry on trading. What is needed is that Mau Mau has the same licensing as the other bars in Portobello such Ukai which sell alcohol till 1am on the weekend and 12 in the week. Lest we forget that Mau Mau is the LAST proper neighbourhood bar come live music venue, with pub prices and a truly mixed clientele that 7 days a week puts on all manner of great music, spoken word and bands of all ages who play blues, jazz, reggae, ski, soul, punk and rock n roll that reflects the needs of the area. For many young bands this is one of the few places where they can play live and start their career while, for us the patrons, this is the only place where one can see greats acts for a £5. For example, over the Portobello Live festival Mau Mau fielded 24 bands many local and from far afield as South Korea and France and Latin America. So please sign this petition and as soon as we a reach a significant number of signatures we will present it to the council and hope they grant said license.
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  • Close Cambrian Road and High Street to unauthorised vehicles
    At around 5.30am on the 30th April 2018, a car was driven into a group of people outside a nightclub on Cambrian Road in Newport City Centre The car was repeatedly driven into a crowd and two women have received life changing injuries due to this. Newport City Council, (in their wisdom) have decided to impose restrictions on the licensing conditions of one of the clubs on the street. This is not a solution to the problem and is being used for political point scoring. Cambrian Road (where the incident happened) and High Street both have automatic bollards in place, however the Council have allowed these to fall into disrepair. This petition calls on the Council to repair those bollards and close Cambrian Road & High Street during the periods specified above. This will ensure the safety of all people on a night out in the City Centre and prevent the possibility of this sort of thing happening again. Isn't it about time that the Council listened to those who use the City at night? This would of course be done in consultation with the businesses on High Street & Cambrian Road.
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