• Speed bumps
    I feel it is important because cars are not sticking to the correct speed limit . They are not slowing down.. Not safe for humans or animals that are crossing as some drivers are going far to fast .. There are schools , nurseries near by.
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  • Why have the Heritage Lottery Fund sold Hastings Pier?
    Hastings Pier is a community asset which was rebuilt with £14 million pounds of public money. Despite winning the RIBA Stirling Prize for architecture, the Pier's lack of infrastructure made a sustainable business model impossible without further investment in profitable buildings and entertainment to capitalise on the many visitors the landmark attraction drew. In November 2017, Hastings Pier Charity's board stepped down, and control was handed to The Heritage Lottery Fund, who committed to finding a long term solution to Hastings Pier. They agreed to prioritise community ownership of the building, and set themselves the deadline of November 2018. A community group called 'The Friends of Hastings Pier' quickly mobilised and have submitted a proposal in partnership with a commercial operator. The proposal includes joint investment worth £1m, including a crowd funder which is poised to exceed its target of £500k any moment. The HLF, instead, have chosen to go for a quick sale to a private entrepreneur, handing him ownership of a rebuilt community asset for the sake of private profit. What is particularly worrying is that the Heritage Lottery Fund are trying to absolve responsibility of this decision - they must answer for their actions and explain how and why this decision was reached.
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    This is important for two reasons - to allow those affected by the proposed significant development of the airport to speak and be heard, and to enable Council Members to ask questions and better understand the implications of their decision.
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    Created by Michael Belcher
  • Traffic Calming and Crossing needed in Haverhill
    Burton End Road is a main road in Haverhill. It is used by hundreds of vehicles daily and acts as a main thoroughfare for hundreds of children and their carers attending one of several schools within the area. At the moment, the road narrows to single file at one end and relies on vehicles giving way to each other which more often than not encourages drivers to speed up, going way above the 30mph limit, as they don't want to wait. Vehicles are often seen mounting the already very narrow pavements barely missing pedestrians as well as racing towards pedestrians who attempt to cross the road. We would like to see several changes made to the area including -regular clearance of the foliage opposite Anglian Place which obstructs the narrow pavements - metal barriers along the pavements where the traffic goes into single file -a zebra crossing near to Cleves Road -flashing signs which show the drivers the speed they are travelling at These changes will ensure the risk of a child being run over dramatically reduced as well as encourgage more children and their carers to walk to school as it will be safer thus reducing the traffic volume and carbon emissions.
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    Created by Laura McShane
  • Environmentally friendly industrial units
    Large industrial units are spoiling the natural landscape of many towns and villages. Too often beautiful vistas are ruined by these ugly structures. If constructors were enforced to ensure the units made the minimum impact, then at least we are doing something to help this cause. In addition, if we can go as far as having living walls and roofs, then that would have an added benefit to the ecosystem. These simple changes shouldn't really have a huge impact on the construction cost.
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    Created by Greg Whiteley
  • Safe route to school
    Our children should have a safe route to access their secondary school. Blaby district council see the current Road as safe for our children to walk or cycle down during busy periods. What will it take for this to change? death of a child? This not only saves parents pockets, this also heightens our childrens health as they have a more active lifestyle of getting to and from school. Walking down a grass verge is not safe. A footpath needs to be implemented.
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    Created by Amanda Harvey
  • Atherton community centre changing rooms
    Through many years and many generations Atherton community centre has been the home of countless football teams of all ages. But recent changes and requirements mean that to be able to enter the league, local football teams must provide somewhere for players to get changed. This means that local Atherton teams are having to travel miles away, to a playing field with changing facilities, to play home games. Taking home games away from Atherton deprives Atherton of its sense of community. As a community we are prepared to fundraise as much as we can for the cost of new changing rooms, but we wish the council would cooperate and help us by at least giving us planning permission. But they have been avoiding giving us an answer. Atherton community centre has been the home of football for Atherton for many years, myself and many other residents would hate to see there be no football teams left in our local area due to the minor requirement of teams having somewhere to get changed. I’m hoping that we can bring back local football to the community of Atherton.
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  • Save the Birdsnest! Stop the development of flats on Creekside
    There are plans to develop 1 Creekside into 8 storey block flats. The area is directly across the road from the Birdsnest, currently an MOT garage and open space. Any future residents and the loud music of a long established, well recognised music venue are bound to conflict.
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  • No new road through Pendoylan conservation village
    The Ely Valley is a very important SSSI serving the Vale and Cardiff. There is a wealth of protected plants, animals and birds here. There are many ancient woodlands on the route of the proposed new road. All of these could be lost for ever if the road is approved. It is crucial that our Council works with adjoining councils to reduce traffic travelling around the Vale and Cardiff. There is already a parallel road serving this route just two miles away which should be improved to resolve traffic issues. We can’t just keep building roads at the expense of our green fields. 72,000 cars drive in to Cardiff daily and a new road will attract even more cars to this area, creating even more congestion where the new road joins the M4 and A48. We believe that sustainable alternatives should be sought to reduce car dependency. The levels of air pollution in Cardiff and the Vale of Glamorgan are now causing more deaths than alcohol or obesity with a rising figure of over 225 deaths a year. Please join us in valuing our countryside and all that it offers for future generations.
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  • Re-instatement of fence at Whitehall Hartford
    The close board wooden fence, which we were forced to remove by the council, allowed us the privacy that we need as a family. It also provided a barrier from the noise of the very busy main road, School Lane. The building and gardens are no longer commercial offices. They are used as a family home, so we need the appropriate boundaries in place to stop trespassers and keep us safe. We believe that the fence was in keeping with the rest of village and did not adversely affect the setting of the listed building. The wire mesh alone is not sufficient and very ugly (see photo). It is not possible to plant behind it due to the large amount of tree roots.
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    Created by Amanda Law-Lyons
  • Remove the licence to frack
    The UK government sold two licences to frack in Scotland (Petroleum Exploration and Development Licenes - PEDLs). Now the Scottish government has been handed control of licensing and this gives them the chance to end the threat to the health of communities across the Central Belt once and for all PEDL 162 comes up for renewal on June 30th - we say, don't renew it. PEDL 133 has some years to go - we say, revoke it. And state that no further licenses will be sold. INEOS, who own both licences, recently went to court to say the Scottish government doesn't have the power to ban fracking. But if Holyrood has the power to licence, they also have the power NOT to licence. Support our petition and also contact your MSP and ask them to support us when the question comes up in the Scottish parliament.
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    Created by Penny cole
  • stock village parish countryside and other villages outstanding natural beauty
    The vital benefit within my local area to attract people to discover and appreciate the natural environment is great for locals and protecting the beautiful picturesque which we should not take for granted.
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