• Safe pedestrian crossing needed at Granville Road and Summer's Lane junction
    Currently there is no pedestrian crossing at this fast and busy junction and people are putting themselves in danger by dashing across the road. Many of these pedestrians are school pupils of The Compton School and Wren Academy and users of Finchley Memorial Hospital as well as many mothers with young children. The lack of crossing also means people are standing in a highly polluted area for long periods of time. Barnet Council and TFL are prioritising 'traffic flow' over the safety of people.
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  • Come on Salfordians. A last attempt to tempt investors to revamp the Gas works
    There is growing Concern by a lot of Salfordians that this iconic cast-iron structures that many generations have grown up with will no longer be there!. There are many great examples around the UK of how they have been redeveloped into housing, public and community usage. In a sympathetic and artistic eye pleasing manner. Like the one in the photograph. In alot of Salfordians eyes they should be saved and redeveloped instead of just being demolished so the land can be built on for another high rised apartment block, in Salford So come on SALFORD, too many of our historic landmarks have been demolished to build high rise unaffordable apartment blocks , we need to join together and hopefully stop this from happening before its too late as this is a historic sites. This great historic landmark need to be saved for all of Salford to admire for generations to come.
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  • Save Bartlett Adventure Park. E14
    No where for mothers and children to meet up with proper seating to have a chat/catch up. The community has no other facilities like the park in poplar. With its own toilets and unit for rainy days. It was also secure which was great for kids with Special needs (the amount of children with extra needs,is above the national average in LBTH)
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  • Road Crossings Upper Plumstead
    The pedestrian crossings need urgent review in Plumstead. There are limited, inadequate and in some places non-existent safety measures in place for pedestrians to cross very dangerous roads. As an example Swingate Lane, Garland Road (by the slade), Kings Highway to name just a few. This is an urgent request to review road safety as a priority. Many very dangerous roads are located near primary schools which the council provides lolipop people however this is not adequate for the residents and elderly who need to cross these roads every day. Some of our aging and frail residents prefer not leave home due to fear of the roads.
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  • Glasgow Warriors home game v Edinburgh should be at Scotstoun
    We, the Glasgow Warriors fans, humbly request that the silver Saturday event ONLY occurs every second year and our home event is staged in Glasgow, at Scotstoun. It is incredibly unfair Glasgow fans are made to travel to Edinburgh to watch what should be a home fixture in a poor atmosphere. If this please is ignored, no doubt it will, we fans demand that season ticket holder should be given an option to pay for 10 out of 11 games, as many cannot travel or are not happy to do so.
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  • Children’s playhouse
    We received a gift of a play house for our garden for our children to play with. We have been notified from North Lanarkshire Council that we have a period of 28 days to remove it from our garden. We have a few points we would like to mention regarding the safety and wellbeing of our kids. Don't you think..... * It is safer for our children to play in their own garden than in a park which is full of broken glass and dogs dirt. * As parents it puts our minds at rest knowing we can watch our children from the comfort of our own home and know they are safe. * If children are out of sight you dont know who could be lurking about. You hear of kids being abducted and also the fear of paedophiles in the vicinity. All we are asking is to have the right to keep our kids safe in their own garden enjoying the equipment that was gifted to them. PLEASE SIGN THIS PETITION FOR US TO OVERTURN THE COUNCIL'S DECISION IN REMOVING THE EQUIPMENT IN 28 DAYS. Take into consideration the safety of our children.
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  • SAVE OUR PLAY DECKS at Lincoln Court
    A child’s right to play, and to have space to play, are human rights enshrined in Article 31 of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. This recognises the fundamental role that play has for the health, development and wellbeing of children, and it is incumbent upon states parties to ensure these rights are protected. The recognition of these rights, and the importance of play space to communities, are clearly defined in national, London and Hackney planning policy, which make requirements for the provision of adequate play space a key factor in good place making. The proposals Hackney Council have put forward would have the effect of removing almost all the dedicated play space on the Lincoln Court estate, in a part of London that Hackney has identified as already deficient in play space. It is contrary to planning policy, and to public assurances given by the Mayor of Hackney, and Hackney Council, that their Housing Supply Programme would lead to 'no loss of play space'. These play decks are where our children built their first snowmen, where they learnt to ride their bicycles, and where they kick a ball around with friends. Please sign our petition and help us Save Our Play Decks. If you would like to know more about our campaign please visit our website at https://lincolncourtn16.wordpress.com Please also follow our twitter feed www.twitter.com/lincoln_court
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  • Don't fast-track fracking
    From The Yorkshire Moors, to Sherwood Forest, to the Fylde Coast, our countryside - and our democracy - is at risk. The government has announced plans to streamline the planning process for fracking. If this goes ahead, it will be as easy to drill an exploration fracking well as it is to build a conservatory or erect a fence. These plans are deeply undemocratic - they twist planning laws to give the government and fracking companies the power to override the will of local people - who have fought relentlessly to halt fracking at every turn. These proposals could see scores of new drilling sites appear over the next couple of years in the English countryside – with the risk of untold environmental, landscape and climate impact. This is the government taking desperate measures to make fracking happen and it’s up to us to stop the proposals before it’s too late.
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  • Proposed Development of Ecological Corridor, Kings Lynn, Norfolk
    The woodland site that is being developed is: Home to a variety of species including Bats, Heron, Woodpecker, Owls, Muntjac (deer), Newts, Kingfishers and many more Described by the Norfolk Wild Trust as an area of a habitat of principal importance in the NERC Act A priority habitat under the UK Biodiversity Action Plan. Forms an ecological corridor In Britain all bat species and their roosts are legally protected - the developers shouldn't be interfering with their habitat Built on marine alluvium soil Concerns that the old drainage systems will not cope Will be approximately 9 metres from people's properties The town already has multiple land and units of the same specification available for rent or sale Will destroy the natural noise and space buffer between a residential area and an industrial estate A former residents ashes have been scattered there, they are most likely to be lost under the development Community includes many elderly people, people with health conditions & some housebound that rely on its visual & physical qualities Will be lost for the next generation/eternally Dramatically effect all residents house values & home insurance policies Parking/congestion already at a premium Damage to properties, many of which are more than 100 years old
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  • Stop Royal Free nurses' home being turned into luxury flats
    Health workers get paid so little, they work long frequently unsociable hours. They need to be able to afford to live near where they work so they don’t have to add huge travel time and costs to their daily life. Our lives are literally in these people’s hands and we need to give them the respect that they clearly deserve and one way we can show this respect is to let them have affordable housing. The house prices in Camden are extremely high, we have a huge amount of very expensive housing already. The average house price in this area is over a million pounds and the average London wage for a nurse is only £24,963. How on earth are the backbone of our health service supposed to afford to live anywhere near where they work? Affordable nurses housing should be sacrosanct. The Royal Free London NHS foundation and Camden council need to backtrack on these plans as a matter of urgency. https://www.theguardian.com/business/2018/may/18/royal-free-secretly-planning-to-develop-100-year-old-hospital-into-luxury-flats?utm_source=&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=blast2018-05-22
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  • Darlaston Inn ‘inappropriate’ development
    This well known spot deserves a more well thought through development. The Market town of Stone needs more independent businesses to bring sites like these back to life, to bring local people together. It does not need a corporate ‘service station’. Several planning issues are associated with this proposed development. - The property is in Green belt, and the over development will impact the openness which is unacceptable. - It adjoins a conservation area, so again is highly inappropriate - Road safety issues, multi stop, fast transactions from the centre of a busy roundabout. Will causes accidents and near misses for sure. - Environmental impact due to increased litter from the site itself, and from cars leaving the site. There are also light pollution issues during the evening on local residents. - Local economy, there are already two petrol stations within 1 mile (one within 1/2 a mile) and that excludes Morrisions. On top of the financial impact on those petrol stations, the council should be encouraging people to eat on Stone High street within local independent eateries that support local people. As is the policy! Support local businesses, not service station eye sores with drive thru take always.
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  • Save the Ash Tree
    'This tree is a part of the British landscape, its lore and utility deeply embedded in our history. Of our trees, the ash is second only to the oak in national importance; scholars of Anglo-Saxon might even place it at number one. The resilient and ubiquitous ash has always been respected for its benevolent or healing properties. At least three British saints threw their wooden staffs to the ground to see them sprout miraculously into ash trees.' (Tim Richardson, The Telegraph.) Ash trees are currently threatened with Ash dieback and this great old tree is not affected, it could live another 120 years.
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